Rotimi Throws it Back with Jnr Choi and Blackway in New Single ‘Throwback’

Smooth criminal and cheeky chap Rotimi brings us upbeat tempos and captivating rhythms in his latest track with Jnr Choi and Blackway. He descends from Nigeria but is a New Jersey native and uses this to blend genres together and put a modern twist on classic R&B, to make it more original and cheerful.

Rotimi is well known for featuring in the cultural series ‘Power’ which gained a huge amount of praise from industry legends, because of the nature of the series and its message. Having achieved many successes thus far in his career and by experimenting with new sounds, he could be one to watch in the future.

He started gaining more attention in the R&B scene in 2019 after joining Empire Records and has since then featured on tracks with Akon and Kranium as well as releasing two EPs and his debut studio album ‘All or Nothing.’ After the release of this, Rotimi received a gold-certified plaque for the single ‘In My Bed’. 

Rotimi – Twitter

Throwback’ is catchy and extremely groovy. It’s sure to get you dancing to the funky beats with a drink in hand, while enjoying the glorious summer and making unforgettable memories.

The single allows us to feel the good, positive energy which helps lift people’s spirits and focus on the better times ahead. ‘Throwback’ is also wild, loud, and infectious making us play it on repeat.

The vocals on the track are smooth, slick, and deep as we hear different tones from all three singers. The chilled, cheerful harmonies blend perfectly together to get the party started, as well as bring relaxing vibes with hints of melancholy running through this sensational banger.

The single also contains sensual and soulful sounds that bring warmth to your heart, adding a bit of vibrance and spice to make their music unique. The track is full of personality and this includes traits of free spirit, charm, and humour which make the lyrics playful and light-hearted to help embrace a happy bubbly nature with a hint of sass.

Single artwork – Twelfth House Publicity

Rotimi explains how on the record he and Jnr Choi take the mick on various romantic experiences over a party-ready tune, whilst Blackway delivers an incredible closing verse.  With the creative use of electric but sweet trumpet notes, springy basslines, and a bopping drum pattern, the single gives us a fantastic adventure.

The meaning behind the words is truthful and honest as it emphasises the feeling of throwing it back to days before lockdown or to your younger years. This can make us feel joyous, because it means we can recollect old memories and still have amazing fun times with friends and loved ones, but maybe without the alcohol because we might not be as young as we once were. Living in the moment with no regrets is what we all crave at times and it’s important to continue having good times to light up your soul and elevate your mood.

Memories represent you and your life meaning that by loving life, having a ball, and making people laugh will make you remember when it’s all over. So be bold, brave, and daring because you only get one life.

IndustryMe looks forward to hearing more from Rotimi, Jnr Choi, and Blackway in the near future as we love the positive energy their music brings.

Throwback’ is available to stream everywhere now.

Rotimi is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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