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Why’s “aiMless” Is Shooting For The Stars

Words by: Cartèlea 

Introducing, a singer-songwriter from DMV (D.C, Maryland & Virginia) who has recently released his EP aiMless on the 24th April 2020. This is the singer’s second project since releasing yaRn, in 2019 where he has evolved beautifully. His rich, soulful smooth tones make you feel chilled and relaxed and are perfect for chilling in the park with a glass of wine (or soft drink!) on a lovely summer’s day. The album really takes you there. 

He used to go under the name ‘anon’ (anonymous) on Soundcloud after being insecure about his voice. He also wanted genuine reviews from strangers who did not know him. Where did he get his name from, you ask? His last name is Drumgold but he took off the ‘D’ which gives him his name.

The album explores the topics of love, life, and family breakdown.

By listening to him and his raspy vocals, you instantly pick up a Jazz/R&B/Gospel vibe where it’s evident some great musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker have influenced him. 

It is a short album compared to many being at around 16 minutes, but it’s crammed full of songs which you’ll like, even with an outro and a guest appearance from Jamila Woods, and Independent star from Chicago with a critically acclaimed album named Legacy! Legacy! 

Top tracks/ standout tracks

An apology (Intro) – This is the first track which shows raw emotion and tells a story about love. This sets the tone. His lyrics “Oh, if you’re reading this, you probably know by now, I’ve finally found a lover Oh, I love him, I do just couldn’t save you”.

Waiting for feat. Jamila Woods – They work really well together. Definitely one of the top tracks off the album. The guitar brings a lovely touch in the beginning and through the entire song.

Call it what you want

The classic ‘Angel of mine’ by Monica that’s what I first thought straight away after listening to this one. Very soothing and  chill, with melodic symphonies throughout.

Save you

This was a great follow up from the intro. “You’re the air I couldn’t breathe, you’re the lock and I’m the key brings a story too many of us can relate to when falling in love with someone. It is highly relatable, in a love letter kind of style. rum. gold’s endnotes are just magical. 

Overall, the album is a hit. rum. gold has a unique distinct voice which cannot be forgotten. He is definitely one to watch out for, be sure to hear more of him this year and beyond! 

Listen to the aiMless album here: 

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