Sam Tompkins Creates an Emotive Response on Latest Single ‘See Me’

Sam Tompkins is an artist from Brighton, who has released EPs and singles which have had millions of streams. This is the third release from his upcoming debut album. On the track, Sam pours his emotions out, describing that feeling when you want someone but you are your own worst enemy. Here, he is vulnerable, highlighting a bad relationship, self-doubt, and mental health. A big factor in the song’s name ‘See Me‘, is that he wants us to notice and value him entirely.

The best way to tell a story or express what’s on your heart is using a guitar. It feels like this takes you straight into his mindset and sets the mood. When you first hear it, it makes you want to comfort him. However, you’re also glad he got what he needed off his chest and found strength. The song is on almost 100k views on YouTube, and from the comments it seems that supporters would agree that this is a powerful, raw, and beautiful song. Sam also mentioned that “I had a conversation with my life coach about how insecure I was becoming, constantly fearing how I was perceived by others.” “After a long emotional conversation, we had worked out and pinpointed a pretty sad moment from when I was a kid at school and how I have carried it ever since.”

As Sam battles this he continues to aim higher and higher. We cannot wait to see what Sam has in store for the rest of the year.

Sam Tompkins is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Be sure to read more of our reviews here.

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