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Sidiq is Back And Better Than Before

Sidiq is a South London-based artist, and a triple threat as a writer, singer, and producer. Expanding his catalogue with two new singles “Better” and “Shoot”, Sidiq is bringing some new vibes mixing R&B and Soul. In both songs, you can hear the gospel and hip-hop influences.

Last year Sidiq dropped a 3 track EP called Pause that showed fans his smooth and chilled R&B vibes. Sidiq is an inspiring artist who doesn’t shy away from singing about his own feelings and experiences. These singles represent exactly how the last year has made him feel, as he explained:

I felt it was my duty as an artist to reflect on the times and speak on what I’m feeling right now. Both songs are very encouraging as I know a lot of people are going through mental health issues caused by all sorts. Essentially, I just hope to give listeners that push that we all need at times.



“Shoot” opens with a hip- hop style beat, its low and clearly reflects how Sidiq is feeling. The listener can understand where he is coming from with both worldly and personal battles. However, Sidiq doesn’t stay in this depressive state, lyrically he is trying to be more positive “This time I’m going harder, shoot yourself.” As the track continues and he adds more instruments like the guitar to the beat that build up similar to the confidence in his voice growing, and his attitude towards haters and a bad year pushes through on the song. “I know I’m the chosen one.” This is a song to listen to when you need that push to feel motivated.

In contrast, Sidiq’s second single has a very different vibe and tone to it. When listening to “Better” fans can hear a shift in the artist’s mood and Sidiq’s gospel inspiration shines through.


It feels like you’re listening to Kanye’s Sunday service, the song opens beautifully with a choir and throughout the song, they are echoing the message “I know, I know… But I know it’s getting better in time.” True to form Sidiq has given fans a song that is uplifting and feels like a warm embrace that really does make you feel better. The track combined with Sidiq’s angelic vocals, a gospel choir and R&B base makes for music that puts you in your feelings but in a good way. It offers some time to sit and think about the trials and successes of last year and what is to come moving forward.

It’s really great to have an artist like Sidiq making music and pushing for UK R&B along with artists Jvck James, Hamzaa, Tiana Major9 and so much more. His two singles, “Better” & “Shoot” are out now.

Follow and connect with Sidiq on his socials: YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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