So You Want To Be…A DJ: Conversations With Kay-Lee

In this exclusive interview with Dj Kay-lee Goulding aka Gyal from Brum we talk top tips for conquering the world of DJ’ing and more.

How long have you been a Dj?

I haven’t actually been Dj’ing for too long. I kept dipping in and out of it over the past 3 years, but it took me a while to actually take it seriously. I only started properly focusing on DJ’ing in May.

At what point did you realise that DJ’ing was something you were good at?

Honestly, I thought I was awful, so thats why it took me so long to actually take bookings. But my first booking was at the 02 Institute in Birmingham, and the crowd went CRAZY to my set. It really was the best feeling I have ever had, and from that point I thought okay I actually may be good at this.

You also have a radio show, do you think this made the transition into becoming a host any easier?

I started in radio when I was 14, so radio was always my first and most important love. But radio presenting is so different to hosting. Imagine being in a room with no one, and then being in a room with loads of people, its a completely different feeling. But being in radio I’ve learned how read me what people are feeling, so it helps in that sense.

Do you think being female impacts your field of work at all?

Nope not at all. There is a lot of males in the music industry, BUT if your good at what you do and you have a strong work rate, you will be successful regardless of your gender.

What are your three go to songs to liven up a crowd?

WOW, okay strong songs to liven up the crowd are: Candy Cameo (everyone can’t help but do the dance), Konshens – Bruk off your back (everyone needs a good wine!), and then ANYTHING DRAKE, everyone loves drake!

What are your favourite type of bookings to do and why?

My favourite bookings are young raves, so like university raves, or under 21 raves at the 02 Institute in Birmingham. Everyone is just full of energy and wants to dance!

For those starting out, what decks would you recommend practicing on?

Get a pioneer controller!! I love mine so much, I live for it. It’s amazing to practise on and I take it everywhere to go and mix.

Any advice on getting your first booking?

My advice is to get out there and ask everyone if you can go shaddow them on their set or warm up for them.

In your opinion what’s the best position to be in, during a 5 DJ line up  and why?

I personally think going second is the best. The crowd is already a little warmed up, but you can still play loads of songs that you want to play. The later you are the harder it is to play, as majority of the time the best songs have already been played.

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