Sunshine Makers

Sunshine Makers Bring the Rays with New Release ‘Got to Be Good’

Toronto-based Sunshine Makers have delivered another ray of sunshine with some help from Halifax musician Aquakultre. This R&B/neo-soul/hip-hop band utilises percussion and vibrant guitars to deliver the perfect song for a summer evening. The uninterrupted drum pattern throughout means you never stop moving to the music, whilst the empowering lyrics give you a lot to think about.

Sunshine Makers

The group’s empathetic and warm new song, “Got to Be Good,” is a true mix of modern and classic music, taking influence from one of the industry’s greatest talents.

Producer Ben Fox and Brent Jackson of Sunshine Makers felt that it gives a nod to the old Motown greats while keeping up with current R&B sounds. The song opens with a nod to the great Marvin Gaye and his message: “We’ve got to bring some loving here today for our friend Marvin Gaye who’d say what’s going on”.

“I feel sensitive to the world and often struggle with staying optimistic about our current state,” says Jackson. “I feel comfort and yet sadness to think a person like Marvin experienced feeling the same way 50 years ago. I feel it’s my part as a songwriter to keep pushing a message of love and hope for our planet.”

Love is what the world needs and Sunshine Makers want to remind people through their music that this message is just as relevant today as it was back in 1971. They certainly succeeded in spreading this message, as this tune leaves you feeling chilled and relaxed, so if you are looking to spread the love as the summer winds down, make sure to add “Got to Be Good” to your playlists.

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