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Taka Perry & BOY SODA gets fruity with new single ‘LEMONADE’

Smooth criminal Taka Perry teams up with BOY SODA on his latest single ‘LEMONADE’ which brings popping upbeat tempos and funky rhythms. The Sydney-based, Australian-Japanese producer broke on to the scene with his debut singles ‘Introspect’ and ‘Kuruna.’ Taka went on to produce a string of singles that did well in the charts and has also produced songs for other artists. Taka Perry received over half a million streams on his triple debut performance of ‘Like A Version’ in just under 2 days back in 2020 which was a great achievement for the young artist. He is still discovering his sound as they continue to experiment with dance and R&B genres to get the perfect combinations of the beats, to keep on bringing positive vibes and feel-good energy

This track is vibrant, energetic, and oozes with sass. ‘LEMONADE‘ is infectious and catchy but also brings an element of soul and groove, that is sure to get you grooving to the joyful melodies. I associate lemonade as sweet, sharp, and refreshing and this is exactly what the song is all about. It will keep you cool and calm whilst enjoying life and making memories in the beautiful sunshine. Feel good vibes and positivity shine through this tune as it’s all about letting loose and living your best life with no worries or regrets.

Taka Perry – Twitter

I would also say this song is cheerful and cheeky which emphasises the personality of Taka, allowing his music to be unique and personal. ‘LEMONADE’ also has hints of passion and intimacy. The track will get you feeling as high as a kite after experiencing a sugar rush from too much lemonade, which could lead us to get up to all sorts of mischief when feeling hyperactive and this helps to make the music sound bouncy and wild.

The words Taka uses are playful and witty to allow it to be honest but not too serious, to bring that element of excitement and happiness. The vocals are remarkably slick and smooth as soft melancholic sounds emerge from the harmonies. Taka Perry and BOY SODA hit some impressive highs, but also sharp rich notes which are extremely contagious. I could play them on repeat all day long.

This is a tune that is relatable to all and personally, it is bubbly, fresh and bursts with flavour that fills your heart with warmth and love. The song also has depth to it as the pair mix jazzy R&B with delightful Pop to get the party started.

‘LEMONADE’ artwork – WMA PR Agency

Taka Perry explains how ‘LEMONADE’ wasn’t hard to make and when BOY SODA entered the room, he knew they were in harmony and that he would be a great addition to the track. He describes the single as tough, hooky, and completely unpredictable which I would agree with as it’s incredibly infectious.

Taka Perry and BOY SODA have promising futures ahead and personally, I feel they should continue working together to make more sweet melodies that make us all feel relaxed and joyous.

LEMONADE’ is available to stream now via WMA Agency.

Taka Perry is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

BOY SODA is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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