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The Neighbourhood Share The Making Of Their Iconic Single Sweater Weather, 9 years On

One of the most popular songs from American rock band The NeighbourhoodSweater Weather was on repeat for many of us during its release. It soon become one of the lead singles from the band’s debut studio album I Love You, capturing our hearts and ears in 2013 which I personally cannot believe was almost a decade ago! Now, our eyes are being graced with the next chapter in the journey of this song; looking behind the scenes with Zach Abels, The Neighbourhood’s guitarist, and Daniel Iglesias Jr, the music video’s co-director to give us an incredible insight into how this hit came to be. 

“The Making of Sweater Weather” has been brought to us by Vevo Footnotes, a series by the world’s leading music video network that brings us closer to the artist, providing ‘fans worldwide a vast array of premium content’. This series is allowing fans to engage more with their favourite artists and offers an exclusive glimpse at the process of making the finished product. The series has already featured Taylor Swift’s single cardigan, ‘The Making of ‘Anyone For You’’ by George Ezra, and many more worth checking out. 

We find out the song originated with the band in high school where a couple of guitar parts began the journey. Abel informs, “We recorded a demo of it on [Jesse’s] computer at my mom’s house”. It is surreal to think such a hit like this had such wholesome beginnings. Abel discusses the inspiration for Sweater Weather came from Failure’s Another Space Song which I imagine we will all be rushing to have a listen to now in hope that it will act as a muse for us as it did for them. Abel confides that “I think with the lyrics at the time we wanted the song to feel like the area we grew up in and wanted to put the listener in our world.” This is something a listener can definitely feel with the song’s shift away from the clear-cut genres of the release time, putting itself in a singular space that the listener can bask in and enjoy. 

Iglesias Jr discusses how the song follows the band’s focus on growing up in Southern California. Moreover, Abel comments on the black and white aesthetic choice for the release which Iglesias Jr. furthers with statements on the use of “iconic imagery that reflected” the “dark and melancholic” tone of the song, like a “French film noir California summer” which I felt was an apt description. Abels also addresses the song’s popularity with the bi community, stating, “I’m not really sure why it resonates (…) but I think it’s really cool that they do and have taken the song and made it their anthem!”

Sweater Weather was recorded in Santa Monica, produced by Justyn Pilbrow, and took three days of shooting for the music video to be filmed. These shooting days included shots at “a loft space in downtown LA for the band’s portraiture and vignettes with a model”, “driving footage with the band riding around in an old Mercedes” and “sensory detail and B-roll footage”. An iconic standout moment for Abel during the filming process included spray painting a house logo and being very concerned he would make a mess – I think we would all feel similarly. This moment is also explained in more depth by Zack Sekular, the music video’s co-director, describing the moments following as a “sensory representation of all different things that make the California experience”. 

Now over 500 million views later and almost ten years, this song remains a constant hit for many. The video is worth checking out simply for the throwback I assure you will get. I dare you to try and not sing along – I didn’t succeed. It is also worth scrolling down to look at the touching tributes in the comment section which show the effect this song has had on so many, reminding us of how lucky we are as listeners that musicians create what they do for us to enjoy. 

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