The Perfect ‘Therapy’: Emiko

The soulful R&B artist is starting off 2022 exceptionally well with a new release and we are lucky enough to be along for the ride. After his previous 2020 release of the Piece of Mind EP that gifted us a selection of messages and moments which gave a whole new tone to the phrase “I will give you a piece of my mind”. Once again, Emiko has crafted a release that resonates with the listener, providing support and reassurance with his new single that offers a relatable thread of thoughts on the inner workings of being “lost in [our] emotions” and needing to “talk this out”.

The artist states

“Therapy is about taking that time out to be a better and stronger version of yourself for yourself, but also for your loved ones too” – a sentiment worthy of note.

A softer opening than some of his previous singles, Therapy soothes the listener in a comfort blanket of an intro that showcases a good ear for production. The mellow tonality runs through the piece consistently, gradually weaving an overlapping arrangement of higher vocals that blend through the central melody which is kept thrumming by integrating a steady section of drums and bass beats, that utilises techniques to accompany different sections appropriately. Emiko knows when to ensure a harder hit to back the melody and when to hold back on certain elements to complement one another appropriately.

The message of the song is one that resonates with a lot of listeners, I’m sure. There are many moments in life we can feel ‘lost’, both physically but also within our headspace. Especially after the impact the pandemic has had over the last couple of years, the importance of communication and being more open to sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other has never been so essential. Therapy highlights the importance of talking things through, especially when we are lost, confused or hurting.

The line that really stands out to me personally is, “you always loved your fantasy”. We often build up ideas in our minds of who people are, what our own lives should look like and how we are ‘supposed’ to feel in any given situation. But, as this line suggests, we often coat people and situations with a layer of fantasy which can be highly deceiving. In stripping back that layer and talking, we can provide comfort and reassurance as well as work through things that fog up our feelings. The perfect ‘therapy’ for those January blues accompanied with a well-crafted music video to match.

Watch The Therapy Music Video by Emiko here

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