The Reason You Shouldn’t Sleep On Halia Jack’s ‘Dreamland’

Happy Friday to all the music lovers out there. We are back to let you know that the project ‘Dreamland’ has landed. Yes, that’s right, the highly anticipated EP from pop-soul newcomer Halia Jack is out now!

So just what can you expect from this upcoming talent’s body of work?

The EP opens with ‘Criminal Love’, which appears to go for the less is more approach both lyrically and melodically. Verse one begins with the words “Love is a choice not an emotion” setting the tone for the tales of regret and heartbreak to be further explored later in the project. Combing subtle elements of funk with her sultry Neo-Soul vocals Halia Jack’s music has a notable nostalgic feeling to it, with this almost old-world sound becoming the common thread that ties each chapter of the story together. Think AlunaGeorge but with a pinch more soul and a dose of sass.

Track two ‘Heartbreak’ was all about the denial stage. Not exactly fun but maybe a tad less embarrassing for us unlucky few (or indeed many) who have experienced this. Halia candidly shares been there too revealing some of the more uncomfortable situations unrequited love has placed her in. To my delight, 90s inspiration was also ticked off the checklist with an unexpected soul-filled breakdown at the song’s bridge.

Threw it Away’, upped the tempo and screamed acceptance. Riding on a wave of trumpet sounds, this is the ideal soundtrack for when you hashtag over it and the pity party is over. It would perhaps then follow that ‘Waited Long Enough’ is all about moving on. Remaining intentionally cryptic, Halia leaves it up to the listeners to paint a picture of the story in their own minds, slowly beginning to fill in the blanks on ‘You in the Dark’.

The ice-cold lemonade in the unexpected British heatwave, this project is the drop of pop-soul you had no idea you needed but will continue to appreciate. Halia Jack has this refreshing flare that somehow feels oddly familiar and is an artist whose journey I look forward to watching develop in the near future.

Listen to the EP here and let us know what you think at @industrymee

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