The Snuts Release Brand New EP ‘Deep Diving’ in Light of Upcoming Album (Review)

The Snuts have released four new singles in light of announcing their upcoming third studio album ‘Millennials’. Dropping February 23rd next year and with much anticipation, it is a chance for fans to see a new style.

In addition, all four singles have been released through the band’s new self-made record label, Happy Artist Records. The Snuts are made up of childhood friends: Jack CochraneCallum WilsonJoe McGillveray, and Jordan Mackay. Although the group all previously had a hand in manual labour work, they found the best foundation for a great band is to not sound like everyone else. 

Firstly, ‘Deep Diving‘ kicks off a new style, straying away from their usual heavier guitar-led songs. Admittedly this fresh disco-esque tune holds the perfect juxtaposition between the lyrics and the beat. You can’t help but dance whilst becoming aware of your mortality. Lead singer Jack, carries this hard-hitting track to a whole new dimension with a strong swagger in his voice. Ultimately, all these qualities mix perfectly together, creating an atmospheric movie-like bedroom dance-a-thon.

Following along is the comical ‘NPC’, an upbeat synthesised filled tune reminiscent of early 2000s electronica. True to the namesake of their upcoming record, these four songs portray what life truly is like for the average millennial. Further, it shines a spotlight on the mundaneness of living life like an NPC (non-playable character for those who may fit into the Gen X or over category). Meanwhile, they prove they’re one of us with the feel-good pop track ‘Dreams‘. The band admits they too have tried manifesting the life they want. Even so, Jack himself described the wishful tune as “…the feeling of punching way above your weight, when life feels almost too good to be true.”. Having this song blaring on a sunny day with the roof down seems like one of those moments. 

In addition to these knockout tracks, the first taste of this upcoming album was the love-filled ‘Gloria’. Illustrating all the little moments you share with the one you love. Undeniably, the song is a full 180 from the miserableness of mundane life in ‘NPC‘. Above all, we see the beauty in doing nothing, like going to Tesco or feeling like you are living in the rom-com you’ve seen hundreds of times. 

All in all, it’s safe to say that this new venture is already proving to be working in their favour.

Rating: 7/10

You can find The Snuts on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more reviews like this one here and stream the EP below.

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