THEO and Lebo are a Great Musical Match on ‘Under The Table’

THEO and Lebo are two artists you need to know, and you should start with their new collab, ‘Under The Table‘. This duo fit together so well, with their voices flowing nicely from one to the other. The instrumental as well is top-notch, a relaxing experience emphasised by its use of bass guitar. The fact both artists produced the track together, just highlights their musical capabilities.

THEO is very much making a name for herself following her PRS Women Make Music Award. The Irish singer has been making music since 2021, and that talent appears to be getting noticed. Meanwhile, Bristol producer Lebo has been in the music game even longer. With production influenced by everything from Afrobeats to Latin music, he has an ear for what sounds good.

These two musicians sound great together, and who knows, maybe we will get more duets in the future.

THEO and Lebo are on Instagram. Stream the track below and check out more news pieces here.

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