Piper Grace Shares New Single Things Lovers Do

Southern singer/songwriter Piper-Grace recently dropped her debut single ‘Things Lovers Do’. Pipers’ career and lifestyle have taken her from Capetown to London, her own unique perspective on the world is one that relates to all young women who are navigating themselves through everyday modern life whilst facing many challenges along the way. 

‘Things Lovers Do’ was written about the difficulties of love and highlights the importance of affection.  Piper felt the vibe of the song was a dreamlike fantasy about the confusion of romance and she hopes that people can connect with this, from all relationships and situations.

piper grace things lovers do review

The brand new song infuses sweet pop melodies with soulful but powerful hip-hop beats which helps bring a bit of grooviness to it, this song is full of happiness with the intention of getting you dancing on the spot. Pipers’ vocals are so smooth and elegant which makes this tune sound perfect. The track is also very laidback, mellow, and chilled out which will help anyone relax after a busy day.

This cheesy nostalgic record reminds me of when I had my first serious relationship and I remember how young and in love I was, I stayed longer than I should have done because that’s just what lovers do, they try to make things work but looking back I was naïve to think it could last forever.  Now in the present day where I am with someone new, I look at love differently as I am wiser and more mature, this time I do things for love by taking him places so we can make memories together and just being there for him whenever he needs me. Piper uses her own personal experience of young love to allow herself to be vulnerable to help bring emotion to the songs she hopes to create.  

Piper-Grace continues to grow and further develop her sound with every release and here at IndustryMe, we look forward to hearing more incredible music from her. 

Listen to ‘Things Lovers Do’ by Piper Grace here:

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