Tierra Whack is Back with Her Brand New Single ‘Chanel Pit’

Philadelphia-born rapper, Tierra Whack recently released her latest hit ‘Chanel Pit’ in light of her approaching second album. As a result, fans are given a much-awaited taste of what is to come. 

The GRAMMY-nominated artist can be seen making her way through a car wash, although without a car. This soapy music video is setting us up for a squeaky-clean Tierra as she has spent her time perfecting and playing around with her sound. As this new project will stand as the second full-length album from Whack, there is an undoubtable excitement from listeners everywhere. She proved the greatness of her talents with her fascinating debut ‘Whack World’. Ultimately, this let people into the quick-witted and unconventional ways of her workings. From what we have seen and heard so far, her distinctive style will continue to shine through.

This is illustrated perfectly by the single opening with an almost nursery rhyme-type beat that flows with the unserious and playful nature of the song. However, the heavy rumbling beat that accompanies it adds an extra hit of that Tierra charm, as well as her high-spirited storytelling manner of rapping. This feeling is represented best in lyrics like “Microsoft, I’ma excel, proving her unbeatable ability to play around with expressions. In other news, she has also collaborated with Black-led media platform, Andscape on a feature film ‘Cypher’. This project, directed by celebrated documentary maker Chris Moukarbel, shares a self-aware showcase of the rapper. 

As a result of all these thrilling new endeavours, fans have much to look forward to from the knockout artist.

Watch the ‘Chanel Pit‘ visuals below. You can also find Tierra on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces like this here.

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