Tiffany Stringer Goes ‘Blonde’

Get ready to grab your air guitars and get ready to shake your golden locks to the brand new pop-rock track from Tiffany Stringer. Complete with a punchy bass, stirring guitar melodies, and an infectious drum beat.

Tiffany’s influences span from Katy Perry and My Chemical Romance to The Beatles and Smashing Pumpkins.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of the sounds, the end result is a cheerful anthem of empowerment brimming with feel good energy.

When discussing her sound Tiffany stated

Right now, I am particularly inspired to make music that feels like an extension of my who I am.

Triggering waves of noughties nostalgia, this song took me back to fond childhood memories and simpler times, with a much needed reminder that it’s okay to be unapologetically yourself.

Tiffany confirms:

When I was in middle school, I listened to a lot of pop-punk bands who would sing songs about a magnificent “dream girl.” I sang along to the lyrics imagining that the song was about me hoping one day someone might actually write one about me! Spoiler alert: No one did. haha! So I decided to write one about myself. 🙂 I chose to center it around being blonde as an ode to my high school days when I felt unstoppable. Through writing this song, I realized that even though we may not always FEEL amazing, we still are and always will be.

Make no mistake, Tiffany has the vocal prowess to back up that badass attitude. The songs bridge most certainly showcased this with a seemingly soul inspired vocal break down. Not only was the transition between tempos flawlessly executed, but listeners were afforded the privilege of hearing a softer more vulnerable side of Tiffany’s voice.

We may just have found our Pre Summer Jam!

What does the future hold for for Tiffany Stringer?

These days I am solely focused on writing, writing, and more writing. I read this book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and have been doing this process called the morning pages. You write 3 pages every morning and what I like to do is go back a week or so later and put together songs from those raw thoughts and feelings.

I’m finishing up some songs to be released this year. As well as setting up shows across the U.S. – Los Angeles, Texas, New York etc.

We look forward to seeing the journey unfold

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