Tinashe Ushers in a New Era With ‘Talk To Me Nice’

Tinashe crafts a new sound for her upcoming album; leading off with – ‘Talk To Me Nice’.

Co-produced by Nosaj Thing and Scoop DeVille, ‘Talk To Me Nice’ is an Alternative R’n’B track with dark/electronic undertones- showcasing the new style and sound of the singer. Co-written by herself and other writers, ‘Talk To Me Nice’ is “an exploration of identity within genre”. Throughout the song, she delivers subtle vocals, telling a lover how to treat her. In return, she offers them loyalty but if they mess up, it’s a wrap!

“As someone who has constantly felt drawn to create in the grey areas between genres, I have found that I feel most myself there. Furthermore, it explores the feeling of being on the edge of a relationship and looking at it with scepticism, self-preservation, and self-confidence.”


The accompanying music video was directed by Bradley Calder. The visuals consist of Tinashe alone surrounded by a beige curtain, as she sheds her skin, unveiling the new layer underneath.

‘Talk To Me Nice’ is the lead single for Tinashe’s upcoming album – ‘BB/ANG3L‘. This follows the artist’s fifth album – 333 – released back in 2021; with a deluxe version released the following year.

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