‘Trapping’ Premiere: A Gritty New Look Into London’s Underworld (Review)

The premiere for ‘Trapping‘, was anything but conventional. The film’s premiere took place at Outernet London early last week, immersing us in the world of the ‘Traphouse’ portrayed in the movie. While music and film have always coexisted, the presentation of ‘Trapping‘ offered a unique blend of concert and film. As a result, the event stood out from your average premiere.

The night began with electrifying performances by Sola Sounds and DJ Semo. This set the stage for our first glimpse of ‘Trapping‘ and Abra Cadabra’s performance. We were introduced to the film’s producers, directors, and actors on stage by Priscilla Anyabu, before the eagerly anticipated film was unveiled. Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker and Femi Oyeniran discussed the challenges of independent filmmaking and the industry’s lack of support in bringing this film to life.

Despite the struggles encountered in making the film, ‘Trapping‘ provides a compelling representation of the harsh realities of county lines in London and Kent. BAFTA and Grammy-nominated director Penny Woolcock brought the film to life without glorifying the lifestyle it portrays. Instead, it’s shedding light on its dark and desperate aspects.

Louis Ede plays Daz, a young boy striving to help his mother and impress a girl he fancies. He is entangled with gang leader Magic, portrayed by Abra Cadabra. Together, they depict a grim and sorrowful world of drug dealing and abuse. The film takes us into uncomfortable scenes of drug users in a cramped room, injecting needles into old wounds from heroin use. It portrays its characters in a way that enables viewers to empathize with their struggles. Also, it delves into Daz’s relationships with gang leader Magic, drug addicts, friends, a girlfriend, and his mother. It unravels the complexities of getting caught up in this lifestyle at a tender age.


In between the film’s segments, Abra Cadabra performed the film’s soundtrack for the audience. Thus immersing us more into the movie’s world. Further to this, the soundtrack provided a musical representation of what we saw on screen, with songs like ‘This Life‘, ‘Me and You‘, and ‘Street View‘ guiding us through the world of ‘Trapping‘. Notably, Abra Cadabra collaborated with Jamaican artist Popcaan on the track ‘Waste Time‘. It features heavy bass sounds and soft guitar arpeggios combined with the flowing verses of both artists.

Following the premiere, the film’s stars and creators took their message to Parliament this past Thursday. This allowed for a conversation about the recruitment of children into drug dealing via county-line gangs. ‘Trapping‘ is now available on the new streaming service, The Drop. Furthermore, it promotes new British independent films and stories overlooked by the industry.

You can find ‘Trapping‘ on The Drop. Abra Cadabra is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more event reviews here and stream the film’s soundtrack below.

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