Upcoming artist Casey Baer releases new single ‘ptxd’

Up-and-coming pop sensation, Casey Baer released her new single ‘ptxd’ on August 4th. Baer is a raw and relatable artist, taking on some of life’s most vulnerable and heartbreaking challenges and turning them into sensational lyrics. Produced by Michael Fatkin, this fierce tune is a kickback at a toxic ex.

Accompanied by the recent release of a bold music video, we see the singer talking through her “post-traumatic ex disorder” with her therapist. Known for having a heart-on-her-sleeve approach, this exhibits her most personal experiences. As a result of this, we can see the effect this ex had on all parts of Baer and her life.

In addition to her knockout sound, the LA singer is often compared to artists such as Avril Lavigne and Tate McRae. She undeniably fits in perfectly with the undefeated girl power influences of her generation. She is also returning from a busy time where she accompanied WeThree and then Tokio Hotel on tour. Casey is undoubtedly leaving her unforgettable mark on every place she visits.

As a big advocate for Mental Health, Casey has proved herself a force to be reckoned with. As revealed by lyrics like, “Even with the trauma I’m still better off” she showcases her ability to not only work through her own problems but to inspire the people around her to do the same. Hopefully, we hear more of this open-hearted empowerment in any future endeavours that Casey Baer has.

Watch the ‘ptxd‘ music video below. You can find Casey on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces here.

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