Usher Releases Viral New Video for ‘Boyfriend’ Featuring Keke Palmer

Usher sings, “Someone said that your boyfriend’s lookin for me. Oh, that’s cool,” in his brand new track called ‘Boyfriend‘. This EDM-influenced banger is heavily influenced by now-considered friend Keke Palmer. She recently had an upsetting moment online as a result of her then-boyfriend.

What can only be said to be a moment of poor taste, he made a tweet about Palmer online, mocking her ability as a mother. This followed several distasteful tweets made against her, following an interaction with Usher at a concert. To contrast this, she used her ingenuity and creativity by creating merch to jest towards her ex. Furthermore, she is featured on the cover and the visuals for 2000s icon Usher’s new music video.

This single takes us back to many moments when we have felt embarrassed due to our S.O.’s behaviour. It also capitalises on the narrative of fragile masculinity and the need to tear a woman down for merely existing in society. He creates a nostalgic feel while speaking on the truth of insecure men who have nothing better to say. All we have to say is, thank you, Usher.

Usher is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces here.

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