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Women Connect Makes A Point Of Saying “We See You”

UK collective Women Connect have made it their mission to create safer, all-inclusive spaces and equal opportunities for women and non-binary people within the creative industry.

While the world grapples with a global health crisis, Women Connect have chosen to focus on the positives by making an effort to shed light on those doing incredible things in their respective industries. Thus, We See You was born.

Sony Music celebrates International Women's Day with Women Connect

The purpose of We See You is here to connect women, increase their visibility across the tech sector, and build opportunities for those wanting to explore the field.

With only 16.8% of those working in the UK tech sector being women, it would take a total of 1M women being hired to reach gender parity. Speaking on the matter the women connect team shared:

“We want to encourage more women to explore digitals workforces. Our debut feature focuses on women in the tech industry, shattering stereotypes, opening doors, breaking, glass ceilings educating and inspiring. For the women existing in tech, we see you.”

The ladies of Women Connect

Further information can be found on the Women Connect website here: https://www.womenconnect.co/we-see-you

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