ZUKI Faces His Fears in New EP – ‘YEAH WHY NOT’

Emerging rapper ZUKI breaks into the UK music scene with his debut EP – ‘YEAH WHY NOT‘.

Known for his ‘braggadocios lines’, the South-East Londoner manages to balance his bachelor lifestyle with ‘words of self-awareness and vulnerability’. Also, ZUKI is part of REBEL AME – one of the first members to emerge from the alternative creative collective.

Listeners gain insight into ZUKI’s world through the EP. ‘YEAH WHY NOT‘ displays his clever, playful lyricism with references to Japan, movies, video games, and anime. Further to this, with meandering vocal melodies and insightful lyrics, ZUKI manages to keep listeners intrigued with his effortless flow.

Featuring producers: 23Sunz, Xajji, Rillovista, Parked Up, and GoLuciano, ‘YEAH WHY NOT’ has an otherworldly, light, ethereal sound. Moreover, the production complements the effortless style and flow of ZUKI – creating a unique listening experience. Standout tracks on the EP are ‘HERO’ and ‘EUROPEAN’.

Furthermore, ‘HERO’ has a sombre, midtempo vibe with lyrics cleverly referencing Kawaii culture and the video game – Mega Man. He describes ‘EUROPEAN’ as “a song about extra-terrestrials”, with the lyrics – “We’re from London but tonight we’re European”. It could be interpreted as feeling alien in one’s own home – something most of us have experienced. Although, the final track – ‘LOVERS 18’ – has more of an R&B feel to it. With a non-stop flow of lyrics, ZUKI is in his element; complemented by the soft, female harmonies in the background.


“Think about this project as a time machine. Each lyric taking you back to a place where the phrase ‘yeah why not’ either came with a lot of fun or saved my life…”

ZUKI on the EP

In conclusion, ZUKI has crafted a unique body of work. ‘YEAH WHY NOT’ tells his story- looking beyond his fear of sharing too much of himself. This is a great introduction for new listeners looking for an otherworldly but relatable music experience. ZUKI himself stated listening to this EP will either leave you feeling like you’ve “had a blast” or going to fall into a “deep depression”. Regardless of either ending, listeners should enjoy the journey into his world.

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