10 Questions With… Cashma, Bringing Back 80s Nostalgia

Born and raised in the small town of Barnesville, Georgia, R&B artist Cashma has unapologetically come into her own with her distinctively soft yet raw vocals. Releasing her latest single, Chick Peas, there is something nostalgic about Cashma, a self-proclaimed introverted singer. Like many, the pandemic offered us a chance to deep dive into our true selves, reflecting on what she really wanted to, curate music authentic to her nature. Sharing a mutual love for the colour purple, Cashma’s latest album Purple Apartment is the third instalment to the trilogy, working alongside producer Mike Kalombo, it is filled with a certain 80s flair….

Growing up in Barnesville, GA, what influences did you have around you in and outside of music?

I think growing up in a small town you have to get creative. There’s not much to entertain you and not much to distract you. Plus I was the only child of my mom and dad so I spent a lot of time in my room entertaining myself. Through that gateway, I found music and realized that I really enjoyed it. Listening to CDs on my radio and singing karaoke on a PlayStation 2 game called SingStar Pop were the highlights of my childhood. 

Aside from your new album, what else feels like home to you?

My apartment and my body. I recently moved into my first place last year, and have always been keen on having my own space. I’m super introverted so creating my world in my apartment where I enjoy myself, party, cook, laugh, cry, enjoy friends and do business has been such an enjoyment.

The pandemic has allowed many of us to reflect on our true purpose or what we want to do in this crazy life, how would you describe this moment in your journey?

Gosh to begin with my heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone during the pandemic. I think my experience wasn’t too far from what I was already experiencing in my day-to-day life. I was naturally already a homebody so it didn’t feel as big of a shift. 

How was it creating your album? What was the process like?

It was so beautiful to create a new album in my new space, and in my home studio that I’ve never had before. I based my whole album on being on your own for the first time, and the highs and lows you experience during those moments. I released the album on the one-year anniversary of my move-in date and decided to call it Purple Apartment. 

Your music is like reading your diary, would you say you use sognwriting as a form of therapy? How easy is it to be that vulnerable?

I think because a lot of the time when I’m writing music, I’m writing in a journal. So it feels very cohesive with the thoughts that I’m having in my brain. It wasn’t always this easy to be this vulnerable but once I started speaking my truth I couldn’t stop. 

You’re a Libra! Typically, your traits are often concerned with attaining balance, harmony, and peace… would you say that was true for you? and how do you bring that into your music?

Yes! I am all about peace and harmony. It’s interesting though because I’m not sure how much of astrology is true but that part is.

I think it’s trickled all within my music that I am a peaceful person that just likes vibes. 

I love your love for purple! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but here at IndustryMe we also have a special place for purple… Is it your favourite colour and why is it a constant theme in your music?

I love that! I think the aura of my music is purple. It’s a feel-good color that puts you in a great mood and yes it’s my favorite. 

You are a self-proclaimed introvert, has being a musician and growing as an artist changed that in any way, and how, if so/ why, if not?

Not at all. Living in my truth and saying who I am has been such a game changer for me. I think there are times when we can step into places that don’t look like us, that don’t feel like us and we may feel forced to conform but I am always speaking to my body and asking myself “Am I comfortable with this?”, “Do I like this?” and if the answer is no I listen to my body. I create my own way of doing things. If the door does not exist, I create it. 

What is success to you?

Being in my body and being happy. Enjoying the moment and all that it is. Paying my rent. Eating good food and loving on the people I love. 

What is next?

Creating more. I love creating sounds, music, and feelings. Also just enjoying the work I’ve put in with this album. I’m soaking it all up and enjoying life. 

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