SBX is R&B’s Latest Power House [INTERVIEW]

When you think of new R&B artists have you ever considered looking in South Africa? Up and coming artist SBX proves that R&B can produce successful artists internationally, she has no features on either of her EPs and we wanted to get to know the artist that is building her solo career and fanbase. Check out our interview with SBX below. – She’s definitely an artist worth getting to know, make sure to listen to her latest EP “These Songs are about you Too” on all streaming platforms. 

For new listeners, if you could use 3 words how would you describe your sound? 

My sound is honest and warm – it’s really a collection of my thoughts and feelings.

The music you create has such a sultry sound and you can hear the R&B vibe, are there any other genres you’d want to explore that you haven’t yet? 

I like to think of myself as a versatile artist, so I would really like to tap into electronic music, house, and afro beats. 

What are some of your musical influences? 

So, I’m obviously a big R&B and Hip-hop fan so for me, I listen to a lot of Drake, Jhene Aiko, and Rhianna but my music taste is not limited at all.

Your latest EP, ‘These songs are about you too’ can you describe to me the creative process you went through in putting the EP together? 

Yeah what people don’t know is that at first this EP was supposed to be deluxe to the first one but I couldn’t make up my mind. And I have new things to say, I’ve grown as an artist since the first EP and for me to share these songs, it took longer to put this project together. I was selective, my thought process was focused on “that relates to what I’m going through”, I want to share an experience with supporters in real time so there was a lot of changes but worth it in the end. 

Some artists you’d love to collaborate with? 

There are artists I really want to work with in South Africa (SA) like; rapper Nasty C and DJ Black Coffee but there are some up-and-coming artists. And Internationally I’d love to work with: Drake, Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker – honestly anyone, there are so many artists I look up to and want in the studio. 

When did your journey of wanting to be a musician begin? – what sparked the relationship? 

I’ve been born on the stage, performing all my life and I only realised I could sing around 8yrs old. What confirmed it for me was people responding to my singing – I loved acting just as much but didn’t feel as connected to making music until I started writing at uni, that’s when I thought I can really do this in like 2019 – this is something I can really do – that moment in the studio and finishing a song is special. 

Where do you see your music career going over the next year? 

More than anything I want to travel and for my music to go overseas, you know I want to do the in-person interviews, I would love to perform overseas and get in the studio to release and collaborate, really start to grow my place outside of my home country.  

What are some of the ways you want to grow as an artist? 

For me, as an artist you can never say truly done or unlocked every avenue of creativity – you see things and meet people and you grow older. I’m open in saying I want to get better at songwriting and strengthen my singing and media presence. I always work on these things and want to continue to get better and better.  

When listening back to any of your singles, what message would you like fans to take away from your music? 

I want fans to know it’s ok to be vulnerable, to feel what you’re feeling, and truly experience, true emotion. When they listen to my music or songs, they aren’t alone and feel that part of themselves is being felt and being heard. 

As a rising artist, how would you say you’ve found manoeuvring in the music industry? 

You know the industry has pros and cons just getting into a new space in general I feel like you have to navigate through and have a new fresh lens to go forward and continue, there’s a beautiful aspect where you can make mistakes, grow, develop and meet new people and that experience is all worth it honestly.

As an artist how would you explain your connection to music? 

I use music as therapy I get to explore myself as a human being and share what I’m feeling, personally it allowed me to come more into myself and I think it allowed me to explore and go through changes.

You’ve said that your latest EP is an ‘honest, confessional’ following your previous EP “These songs are about you” – Can you describe how you changed and the growth you went through between the two EPs? 

With the first EP, I was more experimental, and I was naïve but still as honest as this second one. I was coming from a younger place, more afraid to say things. I wanted to paint a pretty picture and have pretty lyrics, it was honest but not completely. With the 2nd I let myself go and write and just be confident to write it and that was the difference between coming into my own and confidence to tell my truths and not being afraid of what it could mean. There was an escalation to my thinking and mindset in tackling the second ep to not hold anything back. 

Would you say there is a difference in how your music is received in the UK compared to South Africa? 

I would say it’s about the same, a lot of people don’t realise there’s an audience in SA for R&B they always just think of or assume we just listen to African sounds, my audience is still here because I live here and it’s prominent in this country. 

Out of your collection of songs, which one would you say is your favourite or means the most to you? 

For the record, I love all my songs they have a place and mean different things to me but off the 1st EP “For You” meant so much when it dropped, and the music video followed, and then that’s what got me new fans and knowing that kept me going.  

You studied Dramatic Arts at University, I know you are still focused on your music career but do you think you could ever see yourself transitioning back to acting at any point? 

Yes, I want to over the next year but for right now I’m hyper-focused on my craft and music, I’m scared and not scared at the same time, to go back to being in front of a camera but then again, I practice and do it with music videos. I use them to tell a story.

What can fans expect to see from you next?  

I want them to see my face a lot more. I mean that by more visuals and I want to make bigger international moves like brand deals … just expect to see SBX is on the rise. But for now, they can see and follow me on my social media 

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