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10 Questions With… Australia’s Hottest Rap Prospect, Tasman Keith

Tasman Keith is Australia’s fast rising rap superstar. From New South Wales, he is a Gumbaynggir man, trailblazing a career in music that he learnt from his MC father, teaching him everything he knows. Recently signing a deal with Sony Music, putting him at the forefront of the next wave of rap artists, he is currently preparing the release of his debut album A Colour Undone, releasing July 7th.

Indusrty Me caught up with the artists, to ask him 10 question on his journey so far…

So, let’s begin with where it all started for you. What was it like growing up and when did music first present itself in your life?

I grew up between Bowraville and Sydney, so it was really the opposite. One being a small country town and the other being one of Australia’s main cities. I feel like this gave me a great experience in how to stay grounded but also work hard. Amongst all of that growing up was really just figuring out how to write music, playing sports, and hanging out with a lot of cousins.

What were you listening to growing up?

A mix of everything, It was really a lot of Michael Jackson that I would put on myself. Otherwise, it was Nas, Ice Cube, Amy Winehouse, and outlast just to name a few. Otherwise, it was whatever music my dad was listening to/creating at the time

For those just discovering you, who is Tasman Keith?

To put it simply I’d say I’m an artist and somebody that is constantly trying to better himself through his craft, which leads to making a bunch of different sounds. I’m a proud First Nations man and that forever shows in some form throughout my creativity.

Your latest release, Love Too Soon, is a really different sound from your past releases, what was the inspiration behind that?

I guess I just wanted to make the music I was always intrigued by, which ultimately is pop music. A lot of the time I’m searching for what words to fill in the spaces, with LTS it was what words not to use and what moments not to overthink. The inspiration was simply me doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

Would you categorise yourself as a strictly Rap artist and if not, what drives the kind of music/vibe you create?

In my formative years 100%, there was always an obvious inspiration from music in general so I feel the more I’ve been able to work on my craft the more I’ve been able to really step in as an artist, a great songwriter, and of course a rapper.

Your debut album, A Colour Undone is releasing in July, what can we expect from your debut, especially with your recent signing to Sony?

An album is full of moments that hold their own and tell a story as an entire piece, an album that was made by somebody sorting through their trauma and coming to terms with themselves.

Tell me about the album name… Why ‘A Colour Undone’?

There’s a lot behind it which I’ll reveal as it gets close, so without giving away too much it’s simply somebody unpacking themselves and looking within to navigate the outside.

You’ve collaborated with a few artists now! Is there anyone you want to work with?

I’d say Cole, Kendrick, or any other artists I’ve constantly looked up to… Andre 3000 would be wild. On a smaller scale, it’s really just any artist that wants to get in the room.

What can we expect from you in this next year?

Debut album, a bunch of videos, and touring with a live set that I’m continuing to work tirelessly on. Hopefully a few features here and there as well, I’m waiting on that feature run moment.

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