Matilda Cole Wants Us to “Bite Down” onto Her New Single

Indie pop is here to stay, and one of the emerging queens of the genre is Matilda Cole. Case in point: her latest single, “Bite Down.” 

With only one other EP, her debut Milk Teeth, under her belt, Cole is already a force to be reckoned with, and, with her most recent single, she’s truly cementing herself as a heavy hitter in the indie scene. “Bite Down” the final track on Cole’s second EP, The High Dive, is the perfect ending to the ethereal release. 

When discussing the EP, Cole revealed it “is the culmination of the things I’ve learnt in my last year of teenage-hood. It’s the jumping off point for the rest of my life, and each song sort of represents a lesson I’ve learnt from, that I want to leave behind. I feel like a different person now, and this EP details that transition.”

In particular, “Bite Down” is a clear representation of those teenage experiences. Moody with a touch of broody, the Brighton-based singer-songwriter is solidifying herself as an indie pop darling, providing fans of the genre with everything they’d like to hear.

The single is reflective, dreamy, and full of soul. While Milk Teeth was a coming of age tale, “Bite Down” is the culmination of hard work and hard experiences. Yet somehow, though you can feel a sense of anguish in her voice, Cole manages to maintain an air of coolness that only she could.

“Bite Down” is edgy without being alienating, clever yet effortless, light with elements of dark.

If such a powerful single is what Matilda Cole has to offer in the early stages of her career, we can’t wait to see what her future holds, listen to the full album here!

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