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10 Questions With… Ria Sean

Singer-songwriter Ria Sean is one of Nigeria’s and RnB’s most exciting prospects. First finding her love for music in dance, she is now forging her own path as a musician and has recently signed with Aristokrat Records. Raised by her mother, it was only when she was 13 years-old attending church when she realised her talent, and now making music that satisfies the soul.

Tell us about your musical journey— did you always know you wanted to sing and write songs?

Well, I am young so my musical journey is really just starting. *smiles* My interest in music started pretty early when I was 9 years old, I grew up with my mom and sisters and they all knew I had a great voice even before I did, I was part of the Choir in my church and for some reason they always wanted me to lead until I realized they saw my potential, and since then I knew I was destined to be great with my voice.

Who would you say were or are your major influences in music?

Brandy will be my number one, always loved the soul in her music, but today I am influenced by a lot of females in the industry both in Africa and abroad it’s going to be a list to name them all.

You’re from Nigeria—what’s the music scene like there? Is it difficult to break through?

Yes, I am proudly Nigerian. I like to think the music industry in different countries are equally challenging for up-and-coming acts, there are lots of artists trying to get in the game. For Nigeria it is unique, and challenging, different rules apply to this place but the good thing is once you are accepted you will not lose the support. I have had my fair share of trials and I believe with consistent hard work and talent you will be heard.

When writing a new song, what inspires you the most?

I am very much inspired by my environment, and things happening to the people around me. My friends, my sisters their friends, etc. I can also be inspired by the way I feel at that moment if it’s a strong emotion I can turn it into music.

Last year, you signed with a new venture between Aristokrat Records and Universal Music Group. What has that experience been like? Has it changed how you approach your music at all?

The experience has been very much enlightening for me, this is my first record deal before this it was me and the music pushing without a team. Now I have A&R’s, Label music execs, managers, and a bunch of team members involved in the process, I sometimes miss the old days but I am ready for this, I also believe this is better.

You recently released your debut EP Fluid—how did it feel once it was finally released to the world?

I mean it’s a feeling I will never forget, almost like your first kiss can’t really explain it you know, my first project was released under a major platform, I knew it’s only up from there.

When someone listens to your music—for example, your song “Satisfy My Soul”—what do you want people to hear or feel?

The soul of the music, the emotions. I have realized people interpret the lyrics to my songs differently but they all feel it in their souls in their being that bit remains constant and that is what I want them to continue to feel. 

Visuals are so important when it comes to music, and a lot of thought was clearly put into the music video for “Satisfy My Soul.” How involved were you with that process?

For the most part I really let my team or the team placed around me to express their creativity how the music relates to them. I get to approve all the ideas but always willing to try new things within my brand standards.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Oh my God there is a lot of them, it is literally impossible to pick one, but I will say my next project will feature two of these Artists and that’s a bucket list check for me, so stay tuned.

2021 was a big year for you. What can we expect from you throughout the rest of 2022?

Expect new barriers to be broken in the music space, even the ones you never knew existed. Expect my best work yet.

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