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Cali Rodi Is The Girl Who Cried Love [REVIEW]

Taking the LA music scene by storm, Cali Rodi is making her presence known. Describing herself as “putting the pop in pop-punk”, there are clear influences of Paramore, No Doubt and Gwen Stefaniin her music, but this is no copy-cat artist. She is putting her own spin into the genre, mixing the pop we know today with elements of punk and a rocker vibe of “angsty guitars and grit”. Previous release blink 182 + u has been described as creating “an early 2000s nostalgia” with “electro-inspired hip-hop beats and droning guitars” .

Rodi’s voice echoes Avril Lavigne vibes with her ability to vary tone from easily singing a melody one minute to the next belting out a chorus, check out her Twitter videos for proof. Following on from blink 182 + u, Cali’s new release is another step up, infused with alternative pop elements and epic guitar moments, this is definitely a single that shows an artist grounding herself in who she is going to be within the music industry. Her previous single, blink 182 + u was a fun glimpse into what this artist can do, showcasing her abilities and genre. Her latest release The Girl Who Cried Love is a natural progression where Cali continues to be authentically herself, setting her place in the music scene.

The Girl Who Cried Love was written with Marisa Maino and Max Weinik, is full of brilliant angsty moments, Cali vocalises a narrative of a girl “who cried love”. There are some excellent lyrics that fit the theme perfectly such as, “she’ll get hung up on hello” in the first verse. I’m sure most of us know a friend who falls quicker than you can say that sentence. This song is for all the friends who have watched someone they know fall for the surface level of a fancy they believe is ‘love’ which shortly after reveals itself to be nothing more than a crush. Rodi states, “It’s about having hearts in your eye and telling all your friends that every new person you date is ‘the one’”. In the second verse, my favourite line follows, “that’s why they call it a crush, not happy ever after.” There is an understanding of the situation, sympathy for the individual stuck in this perpetual cycle and a boat load of honesty embedded in the lyrics and the tone of the song matches effortlessly. A great new release from a very promising artist who I hope offers more of this much-needed style to the music industry.

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