Young Fatigue

A Sensational Night with Young Fatigue at AMP Studios (Concert Review)

On February 7th, I attended an all-punk rock lineup show at AMP Studios in South London featuring performances by Ourang-Outang, Young Fatigue, city dog, and Trashed. I attended as a photographer and a first-time listener for the band Young Fatigue. There was excitement for a night of howling vocals, battered drums, trembling bass lines, and brutal riffs. The night commenced with Ourang-Outang delivering beautiful melodies accompanied by gritty distorted choruses. Young Fatigue took the stage following city dog and Trashed. The former unleashed intense punk riffs with a carefree attitude. Meanwhile, Trashed closed the night with a set filled with classic pop-punk vibes that energised the entire crowd.

Young Fatigue

Ash Dixon from Young Fatigue performing at AMP Studios.

Young Fatigue had a significant night ahead, introducing Pablo Amador as their drummer in their new lineup. They also announced the release of their new single ‘Sold Out‘, scheduled for February 23rd. This self-described “sleepy” punk band formed in 2019, comprises main members Ash and Michael, with Pablo joining the fold. As the trio stepped onto the stage, the venue had filled up, and the crowd buzzed with anticipation.

Young Fatigue

Pablo Amador from Young Fatigue performing at AMP Studios.

Ash assumed lead vocals and guitar duties, with Michael handling the bass. While Ash led most of their songs, Michael contributed haunting screams in a few tracks. The chemistry between the new lineup was evident as they seamlessly played off each other and engaged in banter between songs. Their performance felt visceral, modern, and fearless, characterised by strong riffs and memorable lyrics. Further to this, they showcased a blend of new material and old favourites. Their intensity signals that they don’t just want to be heard—they demand it. The climax of their set was the performance of their upcoming single. In conclusion, this marked this band’s powerful entry into 2024.

Young Fatigue

Michael Enger from Young Fatigue performing at AMP Studios.

You can find Young Fatigue on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can pre-save their new single “Sold Out” here. Furthermore, find more live music reviews here.

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