Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor Encourages Us To ‘HAVE A NICE DAY!’ In New EP

British soul musician Aaron Taylor is back with his new EP – ‘HAVE A NICE DAY!’

Following his 2021 album, ‘ICARUS’, Aaron Taylor returns with a brand new EP. Capturing the highs and lows of everyday life, Taylor takes inspiration from fatherhood, contentment, and the simple pleasures of life. As a result, the musician transforms the mundane into magic.

Aaron Taylor

“The EP went through several variations and tracklist selections, and eventually I noticed a theme of what I describe as a “day in the life” of Aaron Taylor. There are songs about morning coffee, about wanting to have a nice day, about just taking it easy. Becoming a father has highlighted the importance of enjoying each day as much as possible and reminded me to take pleasure in the simple things. Musically, this selection of songs flowed best and were mostly composed within a similar window of time.”

Aaron Taylor

The feel-good title track, ‘Have a Nice Day’ opens the EP – setting the tone for what’s to come. Feeling vibrant and cosy, Taylor uses positive words of affirmation throughout the track. As a result, the song’s motivational tone will inspire listeners to make the most of life. It also encourages them to smile and not let negativity get in the way. Following the title track is the downtempo ‘Ebbs and Flows’. Moreover, it is a sincere and comforting song, as Taylor speaks honestly about feeling unproductive some days. Even though this could be seen as being negative, he assures listeners it’s ok to have lazy moments and to just do nothing sometimes.

The third track is ‘Patience’ – a powerful, uplifting melody. Featuring vocals from US singer/songwriter Madison Ryann Wood, the gospel-inspired track serves as a reminder to listeners to be ok with the path they are on. The velvety vocals of Taylor and the light vocals from Wood create a calming but assertive listening experience. With the catchy outro proclaiming, “You gotta wait for your time to come” – this hook with definitely seep into your brain.

Taking inspiration from fatherhood, the penultimate track of the EP, ‘Joy Inside’, pays tribute to his newborn son. The additional vocals from his sons’ mother add value to the song. As a result, ‘Joy Inside’ feels much more significant and authentic as he expresses the love for his child.

The fifth and final track on the EP is ‘Coffee in the Morning’. Featuring subtle vocals and a sombre production, ‘Coffee in the Morning’ is about being everything to your person. Furthermore, it’s a song of reassurance and a reminder to someone that you can be a dependable presence in their life.

With an effortless production and laidback tone, Taylor succeeds in creating a feel-good listening experience. Further to this, with soothing vocals and relatable lyrics, each track warrants its place on the EP. Therefore, Taylor has crafted a body of work oozing laidback soulfulness, with meaning and motivation behind it. So, if you’re something looking for something to put you in a good mood, ‘HAVE A NICE DAY!’ is ready to be a part of your summertime playlist.

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