Abisha Takes Us Home To You In New Release

London-based artist Abisha drops music video for Home To You, beginning a new journey in her music career. Marking her first release of 2022, the track displays the heights of Abisha’s creativity, marking her territory in the UK Garage scene, the song is the perfect introduction to the warmer weather. The song can be interpreted in any way chosen, allowing listeners to create their own meanings and memories to the song.

“To me, ‘Home To You’ can be interpreted in so many different ways because everyone has their own personal person, thing, or place that feels like home.”


Co-written and produced with Dan Ferrari-Lane and Greg West, the single is the follow-up from her latest release, Numb in November 2021. Abisha is mirroring the space she is creating for herself ahead of her EP release in summer 2022!

Listen to the track below…

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