Nikhil Beats x Kieron Boothe

Kieron Boothe and Nikhil Beats Release, Thrills!

Rapper Kieron Boothe and East London Instrumentalist, Nikhil Beats release a brand new single, Thrills! The track explores the importance of having a balanced lifestyle through Kieron’s lyricism, fusing elements of genres including guitar, rap, piano, and synths.

The song is smooth and the perfect addition to your playlist if you are looking for new, chill hip-hop-inspired tracks. With co-signs from the likes of BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Jamz Supernova and engraving his name in the art world with his illustration 101 workshop with GUAP, Kieron is marking his territory in all aspects of the scene.

Nikhil beats explains, “Thrills is about the internal battle between your inner child and adult self. I’ve always felt that the purest aspects of myself haven’t changed since I was a child and sometimes my “adult” brain can be useful in certain situations but other times it stops me from living life with full wholehearted enjoyment.”

Listen to the track below!

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