Ada B Conversates with God on the Powerful ‘Conversations (Daily Prayer)’

Ada B sends us on a spiritual journey with her beautiful single ‘Conversations (Daily Prayer)‘. The East London songstress lays her creamy vocals over a song dedicated to God’s grace and her evolving faith journey. This record marks a continuation of her gospel efforts, with the internationally successful Swahili single ‘Mungu Nimwema‘ released earlier this year. With this under her belt, she seems set to be the next gospel superstar.

Ada B isn’t lacking in external validation of her talent: from winning awards to sharing a stage with Stormzy. However, it’s clear through this track that the singer stays grounded through devotion to God. The song details the difficult conversations she’s having, and the vulnerability needed to better understand God’s plan. This single is sweet reassurance to trust the process and embrace the struggle.

For new listeners of Ada B, you may hear a touch of Normani, or even Jill Scott in her vocals. She has cited Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and New Edition as inspirations. This is evident from her vocal arrangements, stylistic choices, and penmanship, which paints a deep love for R’n’B. Are you a heavy R’n’B listener but new to the gospel game? ‘Conversations (Daily Prayer)‘ brings a slow thumping beat, catchy hook, and husky harmonies that earn it a playlist spot.

She sails through this track praying for spiritual transformation and self-development. In a world of social media, suffering, and struggle – music lovers turn to artists to articulate emotion. She sings ‘Nothing can fill the void except his love,’ in a time we need to hear this most. Ada B has served us ‘Conversations (Daily Prayer)‘: a timely testament to reconnecting to what matters most.

You can find Ada B on Instagram, X and TikTok. Find more news pieces here and listen to the single below.

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