Delara Releases Empowering New Single ‘Didn’t You Know’

Norwegian artist and producer Delara returns with her compelling new single – ‘Didn’t You Know’.

Co-written with producer Askjell Solstrand, ‘Didn’t You Know’ has a strong production, with bold drums and trap-inspired beats. The powerful song showcases Delara’s fusion of soulful pop and thought-provoking storytelling. This new song explores the journey of deep introspection during one’s lowest moments. Its lyrical content acts as a reminder that confronting our darkest moments can lead to personal growth and self-enhancement.

To encounter yourself at rock bottom and understand that it can only lead to improvement. When you grasp the fact that you are born alone and will pass away alone, and no one can inflict more pain on you than you can on yourself. Once you’ve faced your darkest moments, not even the devil can frighten you, because you comprehend that what can truly harm you the most in the world are your own thoughts and actions. Nothing is scarier and more perilous than that.


Recently, the artist announced a three-date Norwegian tour, which she will conclude at the Sentrum Scene in Oslo. The tour will begin in January 2024. The track has also been featured in the Netflix series ‘Gangs of Oslo‘ which will help take her sound to a new audience.

Follow Delara on Instagram, TikTok, and X. Read more our of latest news stories here and watch the video below.

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