AE Prove Their Genuine Chemistry on ‘Monochrome Sessions’

AE has been making waves throughout this year and the Purple List alumni showcase it in abundance in the ‘Monochrome Sessions‘. This new platform allows artists to showcase their talents in a live performance setting and the duo certainly does that.

They showcase their variety with performances of the defiant ‘Not Your Girl‘ and the fun ‘Capri-Sun‘. As shown on the studio recordings, you see why these tracks are getting attention, with the live setting adding another dynamic. Ads and Els go back-to-back with ease, whilst adding the fun factor with hand gestures and their personalities coming through

This duo is truly making a name for themselves as one of the rising stars in the U.K. rap scene. Now, you have a snippet of what a performance from these two would be like in a live show, and it looks like fun.

AE is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Watch the video below and read more news pieces here.

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