Mitski Highlights Her Artistic Genius on Latest Album (Review)

The queen of hard-hitting political, social, and emotional songwriting is back, and she’s sadder than ever. Mitski Miyawaki has had 7 albums released over the span of her career and every time she hits us with the feels. Moreover, she knows the struggles we are facing in these trying times. She is very versatile with her music styles and this continues on album no. 7. With synth-pop, guitar rock, and soft pop all thrown into the mix, versatile is what this LP is all about.

Their latest project ‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We‘ highlights her raw talent even more. We take a step back from high production value and go into raw lyricism and emotion. This takes you back to a memory in time that you cherish. Think of it in a way that takes you back to a time when life was innocent and the hardships were yet to be faced. When you look deeper into the lyrics, you start to understand the depiction of human life and the tragedy alongside it. “Drink feels like a family,” is a real thought in the opening song, ‘Bug Like an Angel‘. Like with many people, the adult mind turns to other means of dopamine to the point of familiarity.

The duality of emotion we all feel when we feel sadness and loss is a big theme in this LP. It almost celebrates the coexistence of the yin and yang of the human mind. A lot of animal imagery is on the album to symbolise an emotion we’ve overcome. For example, birds and dogs are represented in her tracks ‘The Deal‘ and ‘I’m Your Man‘.

Duality is also present throughout the project. ‘Heaven‘ highlights two youthful lovers embarking on an innocent and wonderful journey. Meanwhile, ‘Star‘, shows that the mere possibility of this love is a speck of dust and just a tiny little fragment in the sky that you can never see unless you try hard enough.

The viral sound of ‘My Love Mine All Mine‘, is a heart soother and almost mends your broken heart. After suffering through the loss and tragedy in the songs before, its wistful, poetic lyricism tightly compacts Mitski’s artistic genius. It’s another hard hitter for the artist to say the least that picks you up and brings you back down again but for all the right reasons.

Rating: 9/10

Mitski is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more reviews here and stream the album below.

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