Akemi Fox Releases New Single, See You Soon!

Akemi Fox, a Jamaican-British based in Manchester, is an r&b/soulful singer. Throughout the start of her career, she has gained a rather vast recognition for her music and is very much breaking through in the music scene and growing a magnitude of followers in such a successful and impressive way and all deserved for her such unique voice and the brilliant aura she exudes in her personality and character shining through her as an artist.

Through Akemi’s inspiration for music, it goes beyond just making songs but making songs that are meaningful and showing complete innovation and ingenuity. Some of Akemi Fox’s greatest influencers that have made an impact for her in the industry and really appreciate them as artists are Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, and Beyoncé.

‘See you soon’, is a tune that puts you in a mood of feeling rather spontaneous, with the likes of the composition being upbeat and the lyrics being about present moments and really having a good time. This song expresses the bond between two individuals, and how one person may genuinely desire the other because she believes they are compatible, or “in tune,” as she puts it. There is the sense of reconnection with her lover and a desire to relive all of her great moments with them and her poised and compelling yet captivating vocals display the feelings and emotions flowing throughout the song.

With the arrival of spring and summer this year, this is the music to keep on your radio; it generates an atmosphere of warmth and lighthearted motion; where you can just sit back and relax and take in the catchy rhythmic sound of meeting or being with your loved one in no time.

Akemi Fox has evolved her music, as well as herself as an artist, as someone with the 90s/00s sound. She has a radiant, youthful appearance, and her songs, to top it off, are bold, distinct, and genuinely establishing herself as an artist to be recognised for years to come.

Akemi Fox, a great artist who has really made her mark at such a young age, is looking to build a successful career with her range within music and the unique image she has created in this era, where it’s all about being different and really making a mark as an artist, with that looking to gain such a successful career.

Be sure to check ‘see you soon’ on all available platforms, it is an outstanding single that will be great for the upcoming best time of the year.

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