Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio Teases New Record With The Sensual ‘Better Version’

After years of making waves in R’n’B, Sabrina Claudio has not only announced her new album ‘Based On A Feeling,’ but also gives us a tease of that record with the new track ‘Better Version.’

The L.A. songstress knows how to give those sensual vocals and she certainly does that here, over a classy and dramatic beat, and I am loving the use of strings. The song itself sees our protagonist in a dilemma with her current partner not filling her needs and imagining the perfect man who will make her feel happy and who she can give her all to in return.

The lyrics are simple, but effective in displaying this message and will be a crisis that many will relate to, knowing that person isn’t right for them and dreaming of a better life and a better partner.

Sabrina Claudio

The video to this track is equally dramatic with Sabrina Claudio in a room alone at the start and just videos behind her showing these two competing men before they join her in the room. It feels similarly dramatic to the song and is successful in displaying the track’s message.

Her two outfits one silver and one red, display her two sides with her silver attire showing how she is with the man who isn’t meeting her fantasies, and her red outfit showing her true self as she deliberates between the two men.

Put together, this makes for a great piece of art in displaying the emotions of uncertainty and someone who just wants what is right for them. I’m sure with more tracks like this, fans of Sabrina Claudio will be very much excited for this forthcoming LP.

‘Based On A Feeling’ the new album from Sabrina Claudio is out on May 6th, 2022!

You can follow Sabrina on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok!

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