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Alexa Cappelli releases new single ‘Temporary’

Pop princess Alexa Cappelli returns with her infectious new single ‘Temporary.’ California’s finest singer/songwriter emerged onto the scene with her debut EP ‘The Colors That Make You‘ in 2019. She has continued to develop her sound and identity through a range of tracks and her ‘Confused @ 22‘ EP.

Alexa Cappelli has done extremely well at such a young age, with millions of streams and press coverage from MTV and 1883 Magazine. The music is sure to grip people with themes of confessions and experiences that are projected with no filters and stunning vocals.

Alexa Cappelli
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This track is energetic, groovy, and full of positivity about a subject that is raw to most people. Alexa continues to feel good after the miserable weather so she can enjoy what is left of the summer. ‘Temporary’ is a relatable tune, that people can have fun with, due to its sweet melodies and dancefloor-shaking beats.

The joyful, calm, and colorful vibes that ooze from this song match up nicely with Alexa’s personality. This allows her to stay true to herself whilst creating powerful pieces that have a hint of defiance and motivation to them.

Alexa Cappelli
‘Temporary’ artwork – Spotify

This song is passionate and enthusiastic, showcasing the uniqueness of Alexa’s music due to her words being from personal experiences. Alexa’s vocals portray tones of slow melancholic harmonies to start but the pace soon picks up with richer, louder sounds that run smoothly through her beautiful voice.

Alexa’s words are both heartfelt and honest. She speaks of being in love and experiencing painful heartbreak after the end of a relationship.  Alexa’s lyrics tell us that she ended things for not just herself, but because she also knew it wouldn’t last because of their incompatibilities. 

Lyrics from ‘Temporary’ – Instagram

Past relationships make you realise that sometimes it’s not meant to be and it’s better to stop seeing them than waste your time and potentially get hurt in the long run. Alexa also uses the words a dead-end street, which is true in some cases because you really like someone but it’s not working out and you suddenly feel lost and confused. But, the best thing to do is to keep strong and make the choice that is right for you.

IndustryMe looks forward to hearing more exciting music from Alexa Cappelli soon.

‘Temporary’ is available to stream everywhere now via Arista Records.

Alexa Cappelli is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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