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Floyd Fuji is ‘TONGUE TIED’ by Love on His Latest Single

Focused on creating music with soul and heart, Floyd Fuji crafts a track oozing with original, feel-good R&B harmonies titled ‘TONGUE TIED.’

Coming into 2022, Floyd Fuji meant business; kicking off the year with the release of ‘INSIDE‘ in January and later ‘BREADWINNER‘ in collaboration with Topaz Jones in June. It has led him to enter an exciting new era in his musical career. Along with his most recent single ‘TONGUE TIED,’ Floyd is actively creating a style uniquely individual to himself.

The man behind this distinctive sound is songwriter and guitarist, Kyle Thornton. Originally from Virginia, he now resides in Los Angeles and is heavily inspired by the sound of classic American jazz and soul music, but with a modern funk flair. With this in mind, Floyd Fuji takes us on a thrilling journey of fluid vintage R&B, and jazzy hip-hop notes with ‘TONGUE TIED.

Instrumentally, ‘TONGUE TIED‘ features the same twinkly guitar and contemporary jazz sound as the acclaimed musician and producer, Tom Misch. The track is vastly versatile in the sense that like Misch’s music, it can be enjoyed in both a party and chilled setting, offering a beat that fits all universal moods and environments.

‘Well I’ve been learning, not to rush my moves, move with nature, and she’ll move with you. Got a thing or two from loving you, but I’m still frightened to tell you I do’

This enlightened message that nature will run its course and things will happen if and when they’re supposed to, reflect the kind of energy he is putting out into the world. This is all in hopes of connecting with his match, even if he ‘can’t find the words around.’

Despite being afraid to communicate and express the way he feels, through creating and releasing this track, Floyd Fuji is actively breaking down those barriers, using music as a creative outlet to relinquish that fear.

The visualiser for ‘TONGUE TIED‘ follows Thornton waking up and starting his day, appearing seemly normal and mundane. This is until he’s seen inside a giant inflatable ball rolling around sunny Los Angeles. It’s wildly energetic and playful, which matches the tone of the track perfectly, through it being a vibrant, solstitial song.

This new track from Floyd Fuji is just a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming sophomore EP, ‘SUNSPOTS.’ This arrives just before he heads on tour around The US, supporting Hablot Brown later this year.

TOUNGE TIED is out now, and you can find Floyd Fuji on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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