Alice Ella Takes Listeners “Somewhere Else” with Latest Single

Are you ready for the song that will define these colder months? Get ready for the latest from Alice Ella, “Somewhere Else.”

Based in London/Brighton, Alice Ella is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice, making it no surprise that her first single, “Summer Sun,” which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, was used in a Roland/Boss vocal pedal ad. American music lovers, however, might know her from “somewhere else”: in 2016, she became the voice of McDonald’s McPick 2 commercials.eb7eb8_7122bbfdc0ce40c4ba9572b604dfb75cmv2_d_4009_2908_s_4_2

Since her debut, Alice Ella’s music has been featured in plenty of other places. Her music has been featured in the television show Love Island, the movie Grand Piano, and commercials for the series Dr. Foster.

With all of this exposure, there’s no better time than the present to hop on the Alice Ella bandwagon as she releases her new single “Somewhere Else.”

“Somewhere Else” isn’t about a physical location, unless that location is the bedroom. Slow and sensual, this isn’t the type of song you’ll want at a party. Instead, the booming instruments and Alice Ella’s soul-stirring voice mesh to create this sultry tune.

At first listen, the music is dark, almost ominous, but once the lyrics kick in, the mood changes. “Somewhere Else” is about passion. “Wake me with your mouth from my slumber,” croons Ella, and listeners immediately know the tone.

The song includes imagery of trembling bodies and clothes being shed, among other tempting scenes. Paired with Alice Ella’s alluring voice, the song is filled with temptations…and maybe it will give you some ideas to lure in that certain someone.

At the same time though, Alice Ella’s vocals are the perfect fit for the autumn and winter seasons. In months characterized by darkness, the haunting vocals emit a certain atmosphere. One can easily see this track being played in a dark, candle-lit room.

Towards the end of the song is a refrain in which Alice Ella sings “I’m waiting, come find me,” and this goes for more than just the lover she sings to. If you’re a fan of powerful vocals and stirring lyrics, Alice Ella and her music is waiting for you – all you have to do is find her.

To keep up with Alice Ella, check out her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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