Amazon Music’s +44 Series: An Exciting Platform for U.K. Artists

On November 1st of this year, Amazon Music unveiled its new +44 performance series. This expansion of the platform will showcase UK rap, drill, R&B, dancehall, and Afrobeat artists. The initiative not only broadens the horizons for a variety of musical genres and artists but also provides a fresh platform to introduce newcomers to their music and offer existing fans an exciting new series to follow. Moreover, the series made a powerful debut with Giggs and Potter Payper, featuring their track ‘P.A.D. (Pistols At Dawn)‘.

In the +44 series, artists have complete control over their performances. This includes freshly designed sets, and this autonomy is evident in Giggs and Potter Payper’s captivating performance. As they walk alongside various shapes of light, the verses are delivered with ease and power.

Furthermore, this thrilling series has numerous acts lined up, including NSG, Sainté, and Unknown T. The potential for innovative performances is truly exhilarating. Working with the built-in set and camera equipment allows for intimate shows that offer a unique way to experience music. Also, it creates an environment where artists can recreate their live stage performances for everyone to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

The +44 series is committed to expanding the horizons of Black music artists and pushing them into new frontiers. With the assistance of Director Otis Dominique and set designer Jade Adeyemi, this series promises to be an exciting new project for both fans and artists to explore. Further to this, it opens up endless possibilities for captivating performances and collaborations. As the series continues to grow, it will offer a diverse array of performances for audiences to experience.

This initiative is not only a celebration of Black music and artists but also an extension of Amazon’s already successful Black music playlists, including +44 AFRO, +44 RAP, and +44 R&B. The +44 series aims to further enrich the music landscape by promoting and showcasing these talented artists.

Listen more from the +44 series on Amazon Music and follow them on Instagram. Be sure to check out more news articles here.

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