Majid Jordan

Majid Jordan Glow in the Dark with New Single ‘Violet’

Majid Jordan, OVO‘s dynamic duo, just dropped the glowing single ‘Violet‘. Orchestrating anticipation for their new album ‘Good People‘ arriving today, the pair have been drip-feeding fans some stellar singles. These singles have that quintessential Majid Jordan feel: the production remains as front and centre as the vocals. They let the luminescence of ‘Violet‘ conclude their album tease. This song is emotional and reflective, with a moodiness yet hopefulness to it. In essence, it is the colour violet captured in a song.

The Toronto duo showcases incredible musical instincts, and recent releases have really illustrated that they are carving out their own lane. Furthermore, you can really hear the influence they have on music industry peers and vice-versa. In ‘Violet‘ you can hear Steve Lacy, Tame Impala, or Thundercat.

Being signed to Drake’s OVO label since the early 2010s could’ve been enough to stifle them into delivering sub-par records. Simply riding the wave of such a massive co-sign may have been the easy route. However, fans know – this is not the case. The pair remain grounded in their craft and focus on storytelling through their releases.

As the relaxed beat throbs in the background, the lyrics tell the story of wanting to dive head-first into a beautiful love. This song is both soothing and soulful. In conclusion, this single is a winter warmer, another polished presentation by the Toronto-born duo. As we approach the dark winter, let ‘Violet‘ illuminate your playlist.

Majid Jordan are on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can read more news pieces here and stream ‘Violet‘ below.

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