Amber Mark Makes Her Return on ‘Comin’ Around Again’

Two years after the critically acclaimed ‘Three Dimensions Deep‘, Amber Mark marks her return with the new single, ‘Comin’ Around Again‘. Starting with some mellow guitar strumming, you’re eased into this new era, before Mark delivers her captivating vocals. This is an addictive track with its funky beat, and on that chorus, you are hooked by the singer’s choir-like vocalisations. This single is fun, confident, and a great comeback.

Bar a few features, the Tennessee singer has been fairly quiet since her last LP. But, this new single shows she means business. Whether this is from an upcoming project or just a taster, we can’t wait to hear more.

Amber Mark is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream the track below.

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