Amethyst Drops Debut EP, Get Comfortable

Classy yet cool vocalist Amethyst brings us joyful groovy rhythms to her debut EP ‘Get Comfortable’. Chichester’s finest pop star has already released three incredible singles from the EP which went down well with fans as it gave them a taste of what is yet to come. Amethyst got into music from an early age and studying music later on in life has helped Amethyst find herself as well as her sound. Amethyst’s songs have been a huge success for her as they have been played on various radio stations like Amazing Radio and Jazz FM.

The tracks on the EP are cheerful, jazzy, and full of soul as she pours her heart into these songs to make them both personal and relatable. Adding raw emotion into them makes these tunes sound perfect as mixtures of mellow harmonies and sweet blues are put together along with soft upbeat melodies and sassy R&B.

‘Get Comfortable’ explores Amethyst’s unique sound which gives us an insight into the benefits of living in London and being an artist, the EP also continues to talk about love and heartbreak which helps make her music more intimate. Being vulnerable with your music can help others relate to your experiences and Amethyst mixes funk with calming sounds to give off chilled but feel-good vibes as her songs continue to make us feel warm inside just like the sun continues to do on a chilly day.
Her words are catchy, meaningful, and infectious as we hear the smooth rich tones from the instrumentals that make these tunes remind me of old school sounds which are sure to get people swaying along to the bluesy rhythms that have a hint of fierce, power, and strength to them. Amethyst’s vocals on the tracks are elegant and beautiful as she sings of romance. A mixture of emotions ooze out of this from positivity to sorrowness as not all experiences of love are happy.

Amethyst explains how her songs resemble stories she knows people will enjoy as they cover everything from the initial stages of a relationship, jealousy, cheating, sex, manipulation, and many more. Amethyst finds love interesting and intriguing as it is something that unites people and brings us all together which is what makes us feel whole and complete. Love can be tricky at times but when you have the right person it is worthwhile in the end. Amethyst’s sound throughout these tracks is soothing yet melancholic which helps us unwind and forget all our troubles.

A song I love most is ‘Can’t Let Go’ as it’s gentle, indulging, and lively. Her vocals are both remarkable and luscious which makes me want to listen on repeat, the song is all about not being able to let someone go because of how deep your feelings are but being true to yourself and knowing your worth is the key to being happy. We hear her pain but also the fact there is a light at the end of the tunnel to help guide her back home, holding onto the memory of someone can be damaging for your mental health so using music to help her through it is a brilliant thing to do.

Another song I love is ‘Get Comfortable’ as this one is energetic and has a classical groove to it, the song oozes with positivity which really helps lift people’s moods as the track is based on being comfortable in yourself to be who you want and to live life with an open mind and a free spirit, there is plenty of ups and downs in life but don’t lose yourself along the way. The message clearly has an element of strong independent woman vibes that continues to deal with insecurities whilst being in a relationship, it’s sassy and soulful and this makes the track fantastic.

Here at Industry Me, we are excited to hear more from Amethyst in the near future as her songs make me feel so calm and good inside.

‘Get Comfortable’ is available to stream everywhere now via Paper Dress Vintage.

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