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Jade Leanne Releases, My Body!

The soulful, smooth sound of East London’s Jade Leanne returns to the music scene with the release of her latest track ‘My Body’. It is an empowering and honest record written by the artist herself and produced by Linden J Grant.

Released Friday 11th March, the record sits at the chilled, easy-going end of the R&B spectrum, with the control and depth in Leanne’s vocals giving the track an effortless flow and rhythm.

The entire sentiment of the track makes ‘My Body’ a strong feminist anthem due to the conversations on body politics it explores.  

Jade bares a sense of vulnerability in her lyricism when discussing her relationship between her body, herself, and the men in her life. The empowering notion of her reclaiming her body and its ownership over men is a powerful attitude that challenges today’s narrative surrounding self-worth and sexuality which is essential to communicate to the youth of today.

As a woman in a typically male-dominated genre, this track is an influential contribution to the genre and in light of this demonstrates the powerful influence of women in music and media, through the valuable lessons which are shared, and the stories told from a female perspective. 

In ‘My Body’ and Leanne’s debut EP, ‘The Experience’ released April 2020, you can hear a clear influence from other strong female influences in the music industry, like Alicia Keys and Beyoncé. If that sound appeals to you check Jade Leanne out on all streaming platforms!

Words by Bethan Eyre

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