An Affair to Remember: The Royal Wedding in Review

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry Windsor and Princess Meghan Markle was the day that changed their lives. However, it also changed another young man’s life. Sheku Kanneh-Mason, a nineteen-year-old cellist who grew up in Nottingham. Kanneh-Mason played to 600 guests at the wedding and to millions of people who tuned in to watch the royal event on their TVs.

The young man who completed his A-levels at the Trinity School in Nottingham performed three different pieces. He played Paradis’ Sicilienne and Faure’s Apres un reve, these were two songs in which he chose himself. His final song, Schubert’s Ave Maria, was requested by the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Sheku not only dazzled with his talent but also with his humility, which will no doubt aid in his inevitable conquering of the classical world. At the tender age of 19, it is likely that this platform will catapult the young prodigy to even higher heights.

Speaking of elevation; Welsh Soprano, Elin Manahan Thomas, raised the roof as effortlessly as her voice danced across each octave. Thomas demonstrated her powerful voice as Meghan Markle walked down the aisle. The daughter of a Literature Professor, sang Handel’s Eternal Source of Light Devine. She was accompanied by an orchestra that consisted of musicians from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the English Chamber Orchestra and the Philharmonica. In an interview with the BBC, the Swansea born singer revealed that Prince Harry wished her luck but in good nature she replied by saying “More good luck to you”.

The jewel in the crown, or in Meghan’s case Tiara, was Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir with their soulful rendition of Ben E. King classic Stand By Me. Karen Gibson, who founded the choir, is their conductor. The choir is a Christian Gospel group who are based in the South East of England. For the last two decades, the Kingdom choir have been traveling the world spreading their positive vibes through their music.

Speaking to Go London about the choir Gibson said:

“it will be a moment we will always treasure”.

She is 100% right as she gets to demonstrate the group’s hard work to millions of viewers all around the globe. She describes the choir by saying they aim to

“create a sound that demonstrates the community they share”.

The group performed just before the vows were read.

The Royal Wedding was a meeting of two worlds, two hearts and the best of many genres of music. We couldn’t have asked for more. The wedding will indeed be an affair to remember.

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