Ajia releases her debut EP “Visions”

It’s true what they say, some people just have a certain je ne sais quoi, excusing my terrible French I am sure after taking a listen to the EP you’ll agree that Ajia is one of those people. She is in her own lane, with a unique sound and the optimal amount of sass to match. I am very much looking forward to hearing her perform her new music live.

“Visions”, produced by Ryan Price, of course features crowd favourites ‘ Real Love’ and ‘Flavours‘ which you’ll know from previous reviews I thoroughly enjoyed. The singles  have been heavily championed by the likes of Dummy Magazine,This Is Rnb,Kiss FM and most of the specialist radio stations. In addition to Ajia’s two singles the EP also features 4 new songs including the title track ‘Visions’

In her words

Visions is an EP that brings the old skool vibes back

– Ajia

‘Hype’, brought a clean positive energy, that you can’t help but get behind. The sounds of ‘Here We Go‘ drew attention to the soft subtly vulnerable elements of Ajia’s voice, which was also echoed in the lyrically powerful number ‘Visions‘. The song offered a Lauryn hill meets vintage soul kind of vibe with a dash of urban flavour.

‘So good’ was definitely my favourite song of the EP. It was edgy, sassy, and showcased all of the elements of Ajia styles that I love. I particularly liked the adlibs on this song, not mention the jazz/funk centric production worked really well here too.

Overall I feel that the project was a great indicator of what is to come and I look forward to seeing what Ajia does next.

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