Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Glows in the Sensual ‘Get Close’ Music Video

Following her successful ‘Age/Sex/Location‘ tour, Ari Lennox returns with a new single – ‘Get Close’.

Produced by DZL and Wu10, ‘Get Close’ is a sensual track, with Lennox desiring to be closer to her partner. In the accompanying music video, the singer and her partner display the highs and lows of a relationship. They are seen being flirtatious, arguing, dancing, and sharing intimate moments.

You like Tupac, I like Janet / So damn stubborn, I won’t have it / I laugh at it, bo****s grab it / Take a road trip, screw the planning

Ari Lennox – ‘Get Close

‘Get Close’ is Lennox’s first single since the release of the cover of ‘My Favourite Things‘. This appears to be the start of a new era for her as she transitions away from the ‘Age/Sex/Location‘ album to something new.

Follow Ari Lennox on Instagram and TikTok. Watch the music video down below and read more news pieces here.

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