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No Guidnce Deliver Nostalgic Energy with ‘White Tee’ and ‘Long Walk’

No Guidnce is single-handedly bringing back the nineties boyband era. Nostalgic R&B listeners can rejoice – this British foursome is a junior Jodeci, flexing some seriously sensational vocals. Despite their old-school energy, they have found success in new-school ways. They blew up on TikTok after their acapella covers went viral, showcasing unfiltered, unquestionable raw talent. Now, Kaci, Zeekay, Ebub√©, and Josh have dropped another package for their ever-growing fanbase – singles ‘White Tee‘ and ‘Long Walk‘.

Both singles are sexy serenades over beats that sound as suitable for a rapper as an R&B act. This brings a cool, bad-boy air to the harmonising quartet. However the appreciation for rap doesn’t stop there, they factor in slick lyricism to their songs with today’s slang. ‘And never does your face card lie / Everything you do is my type‘ they belt in ‘White Tee‘.

White Tee‘ is the faster-paced of the two records, where the group sings about a woman being perfect with no makeup and a white tee. This one is sure to have the ladies swooning. This song has an Usher energy to it, with a hook that is sure to stick in your head. In addition, the band dropped an acoustic version of this track, which is a luscious listen. They perform vocal gymnastics that appear effortless.

In ‘Long Walk‘ No Guidnce pleases US fans with a mesmerising track about an American affair. The group name drops Miami and Harlem as they extend their international influence. Furthermore, this record really showcases the individuality of their voices, and how each member brings different tones. The beat drop into the chorus makes it an addictive laid-back listen.

Their effortlessly cool vibe is attractive and admirable. Despite individual differences, the way they dress, sing and perform as a collective is perfectly harmonised. They are a polished group, ready for the big time. R&B lovers need to jump on this No Guidnce train before it well and truly takes off.

No Guidnce are on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here, and stream the singles below.

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