BAELY Brings the Smoothness on Latest Single ‘Pluto’

South London’s own BAELY is here to bring chilled vibes and a visual spectacle to your Friday. On ‘Pluto‘, his first release of 2024, you are immediately welcomed by the chilled production. Moyses Dos Santos and Yak provide this feeling predominantly through the use of bass guitar. This is matched by the singer’s mellow vocals that bring a sense of calm, as he details this mesmerising person in his life. It takes the love song formula and makes it feel huge and intergalactic as the track’s title suggests.

The video fits the song with our protagonist’s car stopping near Area 51 and being met by a mysterious person. They go on a journey together and form a connection, with Charlie Rees using colour and close-up shots to direct his vision.

So, if you want to ease your way into the weekend with some sensual sounds, then this might be the song for you. With BAELY having a trend of one solo release per year since 2021, hopefully, 2024 is the year that changes.

BAELY is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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